Back in March we started testing the add memories feature at Miami NFT Week — adding some highlights from our time there along with capturing meaningful moments from a few new friends.

Since that time we’ve been working hard to get the experience ready for anyone to submit memories in San Francisco, Miami, Singapore, and New York.

We’re happy to announce, anyone can add memories to these cities!

Our team has been focused on execution on the plan Jun Loayza mapped out last week, our focus is on building out the product and specifically the experience around memories.

Focus on Memories

  • Secondly, we will continue to focus on the product and expanding Memory functionality:
  • Memories can be added by anyone
  • Memory Marks can be tagged to Memories
  • Memories can be added to anywhere in the world
  • Arweave integration to add Memories to the blockchain

Why Are Memories An Important Feature?

Memories are not only the basis for the Metablox application — they are the reason for starting the company. Ensuring that humanity’s most important memories are preserved forever is the foundation of our mission and woven into the fabric of all we do.

How to Add Your Memories to Metablox

Adding memories to Metablox is simple.

1. Set up an account at

2. Select the blox you want to add your memory to

3. Click on the “Add Memories” link from the blox detail panel

4. Add your photos along with a description of your memory and why it’s important to you.

5. Spend 50 Metarent to save your memory.

What Now?

After saving your memory it will appear on the map along with other memories from the same city:

What’s Next?

Next up is to enable our Memory Marks functionality. Memory Marks are how Neighbors will tag memories based on the following categories:

  1. Inspirational
  2. Heartwarming
  3. Enjoyable
  4. Solemn

Why? Memory Marks play an important role in the Metablox ecosystem. They allow Neighbors to express how the memory impacts them and increase the value of the blox where the memory is attached.

More Memory Marks increase the blox level, unlock additional memory slots, and serve an important function in the economy.

What Then?

After Memory Marks are live, we’ll turn our focus to enabling Neighbors to add memories anywhere on the planet.

Why? This allow you to help guide what cities we open next and ensure your memories get preserved

Make Sure Your Most Important Memories Get Saved

Our neighborhood is expanding everyday — join us on Discord, Twitter, and now Instagram to follow along. When you are ready to be a #MemoryMaker or Blox owner head on over to and get to work!