free metarent = 2 free memories

More Upgrades To Memories

Today we made a small but important update to our memories service. Last week we announced anyone could add memories to the current cities (San Francisco, Miami, Singapore, New York) at a cost of 50 MetaRent (our on platform currency).
After hearing feedback from the community we’ve decided to take 3 actions:

  1. Decrease the cost to submit a memory. What previously cost 50 MetaRent is now only 10 MetaRent.
  2. When a user creates an account on Metablox they get 20 MetaRent – enough to add two memories.
  3. When a Blox is Minted, the owner immediately gets one day worth of MetaRent for that Blox.


Preserving memories is our mission and the basis for the entire Metablox economy. Our Neighbors and Memory Makers need to be able to add memories as frictionless as possible – including affordability for those new to our community.

What’s next for memories

Our Q3 roadmap is full of additional upgrades to the memories feature, including:

  • Adding memories from a mobile device
  • Adding memories anywhere in the world
  • Adding memories from Google Photos

If you have any questions – or suggestions for making memories better, please let us know on Discord.