Why Memories Matter to Blox Owners

How to Help Your Blox

Our mission is to preserve humanity’s most important memories. If you are reading this, chances are, you share an affinity for memories as well. 

As Blox owner’s we’re responsible for deciding what memories will be attached to the places we own. This curation benefit is why many of us first acquired Blox, but did you know that memories also play an important role in Blox leveling? 

Leveling Up a Blox

In order to increase your Blox from a Level 1 to a Level 2, you’ll need to receive 1 Memory Mark for a memory attached to your Blox. To go from Level 2 to Level 3 you’ll need to attract 30 Memory Marks to your blox. In total you’ll need 121 Memory Marks to make your Blox eligible to be a Generation 2 Blox. 

Note: Blox Leveling is not yet active, but Memory Marks added now will count toward your totals.

LevelTitle Memory Marks to Level UpTotal Memory Marks
1Gen I Level 110
2Gen I Level 2301
3Gen I Level 33031
4Gen I Level 43061
5Gen I Level 53091

More memories = more Memory Marks = more valuable Blox 

How do we attract more memories to our Blox?

If you’re like the Metablox team you want your memories to be thoughtfully crafted – but this takes time and often results in very few memories being added. To jump start your memory curation, here’s a few ideas to get some memories on your Blox and attracting Memory Marks: 

  1. Your Memories! Your memories can be as detailed or as concise as you like, we just recommend adding enough photos and description to give others reading it context. Memory Marks will be given for stories that are: Inspirational, Heartwarming, Enjoyable, and Somber. 
  2. Places in Blox – what are some interesting places that exist in your Blox and why you want to visit or think they should be visited .
  3. History of Your Blox – are there any important historical events you could highlight along with why they are important to you
  4. Organizations in Blox – are there any interesting businesses that are, or have been located in your Blox and why you think they should be known. 
  5. People in or from Blox – what notable people have lived in or visited your Blox and why their presence is interesting or important to you.

Add memories, get Memory Marks, level up your Blox